Why you should support H4AH?

Supporting through H4AH gives you an opportunity to meet new people, be part of a team with share values and goals, and gain new skills. All these, while truly helping someone or a family, who are really in need of your help! Every action you take will support our brave ANSF members with serious injuries included in our program who is standing to support Afghanistan Security Forces. Your smallest step makes a very big difference for people in need.

How to help?

There are countless possibilities to help us. Whether you choose to donate, fundraise, actively help through various ways of volunteering, sponsor one of our projects or families of ANSF or show your support on social media, your contribution makes it possible for us to change lives of those in need. We welcome every contribution. Any help is essential, just choose the way that works best for you! Big rivers are being shaped by contribution of every rain drop.



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