Help for Afghan Heroes, aims to give training and educational assistance to the commissioned and non-commissioned Afghan security officers who have been injured during service or dependents and orphans of the afghan security personnel. This program is to assist veterans obtain professional skills for the workforce. The mission of H4AH’s this Project is to empower wounded Afghan security force warriors or families of martyred ones. The purpose is to raise public’s awareness and to collect the public’s aid for the needed disabled Security force and the family of martyred ones. This will also help them to help and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct and indirect programs and services that they could fulfill their own needs. This project will help injured servicemen and women of Afghan Security Forces to develop new professional skills for a successful transition to the civilian workforce and pursue opportunities of becoming an asset for the country. In order to compete in today’s workplace, individuals need professional skills and abilities and this project offers educational services in order to improve the ability of living independently despite having disabilities. As the first step of this educational program, a training will be held to assist veterans to be prepared for jobs of sewing, use of sewing machinery and sewing techniques. The second step of this program will be to teach them sewing techniques of uniforms and other wearing items of Afghan National Security Forces. Information-technology (IT) courses. Learning opportunities through the computer lab which is helpful for a person in today’s workplace, is also part of our Training and Educational project.
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